Mac computers can upgrade to ARM processors

<pre>Mac computers can upgrade to ARM processors

Maybe it's just a rumor. But very interesting and promising. Even if Apple had never thought about ARMing poppies, this rumor would have been enough to make the company irresistibly want it.

ARM processors will be pulled?

From the point of view of banal erudition, the ARM processor in a serious computer – nonsense. Just like a toy electric motor with a cheap battery attached to it, as a drive for a heavy supersonic helicopter.

This is a wrong point of view.

ARM processors are really very economical and therefore used in various mobile and embedded devices. A complete list of all the creations of the human mind in which processors of this architecture are used would occupy more than one page.

These processors work where any other modern mass processor simply could not work.

It does not at all follow that ARM-processors are not able to compete on an equal footing with processors of other architectures on their field. They can and compete. They are used in servers, in supercomputers … They have always been a thing in themselves, but in recent years they are also rapidly progressing.

One should not underestimate them. Intel, for example, considers them a very serious rival.

ARM-processors of apple design (optimized for the operating system), in my opinion, could pull on the entire line of “Macintosh”, from the most-lightest to professional super-powerful workstations . And some unthinkable poppies today too.

But relative simplicity and outstanding economy are possible with these shortcomings. In the end, they are easy to fix.

Return to the roots

Tim Cook once served as the head of the company, replacing Jobs. And summing up the financial results of one of the quarters, Cook told about the basic principles of Apple.

The most important of them he called the principle of concentration. The bottom line is that Apple could expand the range of products to anecdotal limits, resources allow – but instead the company puts all its power into a small set of products that can fit on a single office desk of ordinary size … Before him was just such a table , on which were laid out one copy of all the manufactured by Apple at that time devices.

Imagine that in the role of the head of Apple in 2011 were you. Wonders await you from habit. Rabbits out of a hat. Just a year ago, the public was introduced to the iPad … And there is no right to make a mistake. It's not easy, right? Think of something, conditions and limitations you know …

And now comes the moment of truth. It's time! Or the company will remain Apple, or turn into The Boring Company.

Did not you think that Apple has been a little scattered over the last seven years? And the company has 4 operating systems (macOS, iOS, watchOS and tvOS), with common roots and very similar, but still different.

The company supports two architectures, ARM and Intel.

And the assortment … At one office he probably can not fit the table. Although depending on what to compare. In the early 90's, Apple Computer produced up to hundreds of computer models (including virtually identical ones, but under different names), laser printers, PDA (Newton), QuickTake (video camera) and much, much more. In a situation similar to the current one. Then it would take a railway car, or even one.

The convergence of macOS, iOS, watchOS and tvOS into one common supersystem is already underway. While not public, but already felt. Repair always brings inconvenience. One of the most powerful jamming on this path is macOS. Of all the others, including iOS (the most massive and successful), it is different architecture. And the processors of this architecture are beyond Apple control.

Concentration … And, in my opinion, it's more abrupt than a rabbit out of a hat …

A new page in the history of macOS

Can you imagine what you can do to a computer platform with the help of deep processor optimization?

I can not imagine.

But the apple service of PR must imagine how it will be. And make of this fascinating something that I would listen with pleasure, looked and tried …

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