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January 9, 2007, San Francisco. Every year there are dozens of events that their organizers sincerely consider historical. But only a few of the events that happened in the last hundred years really divide the history into “before” and “after”. The 2007 Steve Jobs speech at MacWorld Expo was one of them …

On this day, five new products and one new company were announced. One of these five products (AirPort Extreme with IEEE 802.11n support) was announced in absentia, the other, Apple TV (which Steve called iTV several times, but immediately got better) “took off” very long and hard, and about the announcement of the other three – pure fantasy. In fact, it was about a single product, combining the promised three.

These three:

– iPod video with widescreen display and multi-touch interface;
– revolutionary mobile phone;
– the world's first full-fledged pocket Internet device.

It was the same mythical phone from Apple that was waited and not waited for, which was spoken and written for more than a year (Steve told, in secret, that they worked on this project two and a half years – but this project was not the first).

The presentation of the iPhone was a journey into the future. The presentation of a whole new world, on simple and tangible examples, almost in sensations. It lasted more than an hour, but this hour flew by unnoticed.

Here is the video, length 01:39:02, commercials cut out (not by me):

Today, the dream shown that day is again. And this is not nostalgia. That iPhone was logical, simple, predictable, understandable – and with all this, infinite …

And then Steve turned Apple Computer Inc into “just Apple Inc”, and explained why. That day, two more were added to the two Apple Computer activities (Macs and iPods): Apple TV and iPhone. Only one of the four was related to computers.

And “boom!” – one of the words in the company name has evaporated. But with the Macs everything will be fine.

Remember the Apple II? Before this platform was killed (after many years of washes and harassment), several months before its end, the company management announced something similar. And “boom!” – the direction was closed, people were dismissed, projects were stopped halfway.

In a few years, Steve will explain to the audience that Apple TV is Apple's hobby, that they are doing it solely for their own pleasure. The direction did not “take off”, the demand was much lower than expected. Unlike the iPhone, no one doubted its adequacy. There were only three of them …

This is unreal

The market for mobile communications and devices for it was divided between several giants, and the rules in this market were, to put it mildly, cruel and inhuman. To the stranger in this market nothing shone.

The bloodthirsty aborigines of this market were not its main danger: the regulators (the Federal Communications Commission in the United States and others like it in the territories of other countries) and mobile operators tightly controlled this market and blocked any changes.

During the periods of exacerbation of the “great telephone dream”, articles of very smart people were surely published, with experience of successful survival in this jungle, not leaving a drop of hope: this is unrealistic.

Do not stop the insane, let them try: but they have no chance.

Is it necessary to change the world?

Steve began by stating that not every company managed to accomplish something “historical” at least once. Anything that changed the world.

And Apple Computer, he said, managed to do it three times. In 1984 (Macintosh), in 2001 (iPod), and here and now, on January 9, 2007, it had to happen for the third time …

You could not agree with iPod, the question is controversial (though and in fact changed, only the scale of these changes is incomparable with the results of the appearance of Macs and the iPhone.

The public (and there were only very serious people in the hall) reacted enthusiastically. They slammed a hundred times, it seemed, and Steve was in shock. Not a single fake note. Not a single word past, not a single gesture. They rehearsed, yes …

Paphos and the use of loud words – all this was. But in moderation. Exactly as much as you need.

What was shown was, from beginning to end, with absolute obviousness, useful, healthy and interesting. The real operating system (Steve, when I called it OS X, meant not a mobile operating system for the device being presented, but the entire Mac OS X), in 128 megabytes of RAM, on an absolutely weak processor, in conditions of acute energy deficit – and on this a tiny mobile (moving) patch …

Outside observers suggested that during the iPhone demonstration all the pictures on the big screen were imitations. Fake Six months remained before the phone was released, and its release demanded that the company mobilize all forces (literally!), For this time all other projects were suspended.

Even if shown was an imitation, what does that change? Not all of what was shown at all could be simulated. But …

I’m sure that it’s not possible without imitations – in June, people got into their hands exactly what they were shown, and it turned out even cooler in their hands (the iPhone and its system were not perfect, they were just immeasurably better than all that came before them).

Until June there was still half a year left. Everything that the public saw and learned was shown on the screen (by the owner of one of the main animation studios in the world, by the way), and was reported to him.

The show was impressive and shocking. Caused a flurry of mocking and mocking reactions in the media. Smart people from a merciless and cruel business, within the limits of which Steve brazenly invaded, prophesied to him and his company inevitable failure and disaster. He was warned! He is a smug and self-confident amateur!

And he did not just invade: he vowed to seize 1 percent of the unapproachable market as early as 2008. The volume of this market in 2008 was to be close to 1,200 million phones, to fulfill the oath Apple had to sell 12 million iPhones in the first 18 months of sales.

The hall was intensely silent. Everyone understood that this is unreal. It is so unrealistic that even the “field of distortion of reality” was powerless.

But it was already clear to many people leaving the hall: this will be the phones in the next two or three years. There was no way back.

Technical details (teaser?)

Steve promised to start selling the iPhone in June. He explained why the iPhone was shown six months before it entered the market: the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) still had to accept and legalize it, and Steve would not like the iPhone to announce the FCC. That is, and this horror was still ahead?

Two models had to enter the market, with a different amount of permanent memory (SSD), in 4 and 8 Gigabytes.

The price … Naturally, it was not easy to calculate how much a device like the one in nature should cost, and Steve showed a pricing method on his fingers.

He added the price of an ordinary (not the cheapest) smartphone of that time with the price iPod. So did the “aggressors” act, invading a foreign market for them, or not – but the variant with 4 Gigabytes was sentenced to a price of 499 dollars, and the variant with 8 Gigabytes – to 599.

And: the only operator (partner in the project ROKR, Cingular, returned under the wing of AT & T), is the only country, only EDGE (3G, not earlier than in a year) …

The device could already be ordered, but it could easily have failed.

And, for a number of reasons , most of which are understandable and respectful, detailed technical data has not been made public. One of the good reasons: this is a home appliance.

I think: whether to write about the iPhone, their system, about Apple's errors and their correction.

I wrote my first programs for the iPhone for the very first (and very second) iPhone models, and I felt all these technical data, errors, system and everything else …

It was painful and painful – but interesting … [19659003] To be continued

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