Mastery of the photographer allowed to see in the sea waves of mythical creatures

<pre>Mastery of the photographer allowed to see in the sea waves of mythical creatures

The Photographer of the Year 2018 was awarded to Rachel Talibart for her snapshot, entitled “Nyx” (Nyx, also Nyukta, the ancient goddess of the night). The monochrome image is struck by a combination of detailed, crisp waves and a diffuse spray pattern, from which a realm of the otherworld could indeed have been born. The photograph refers to the last and most famous cycle of works by Tallibart called “Sirens.”

As a professional photographer, Rachel Talibart did not take place at once. In 2000, she threw a boring job as a lawyer to take pictures, by 2008 she had completely switched to digital photography. Work on the series “Sirens” began in 2016, with Newhaven Beach, in East Sussex. Talibart in the literal sense of hunting for storms – the usual bad weather does not allow the elements to roam so much to give birth to a masterpiece.

It's all about speed, wind and waves, as well as the capabilities of the photographic equipment. The Taliban uses telescopic lenses and an ultrafast shutter, with a response speed of 1/1000 seconds. If the weather suits, she manages to catch the moment when the wind disperses water and spray to the level of movement, elusive by the usual look. And at that moment a unique photo is created, which has chances to get on the list of Sony World Photography Awards.

“Sometimes sea waves are more beautiful than scary, but much more often exactly the opposite,” says the photographer. It does not control the process, always feels itself a negligible witness to the great movement and the demonstration of the power of a wild, unbridled sea. And the love of mythology and ancient cultures helps to give meaning to the photos of this process and give them personal features.

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