Mathematical Tricks – Learning to Count Quickly in Mind

<pre>Mathematical Tricks - Learning to Count Quickly in Mind

It's not enough to count each in the mind. And it's rather not in the mental capabilities of people, but in the wrong approach to teaching children in primary school. They simply do not explain how it is possible to count well and quickly in the mind. For such cases, there is an excellent application “Mathematical Tricks”, which will help to count extremely quickly and effectively in the mind.

The appendix is ​​functional. You can play alone or with a friend. Multiplayer is supported with the game on the Net. There is a training mode in which you can choose which actions to train: addition, subtraction, root extraction and so on. For each of the types have their own settings. For example, in division, you can choose which numbers the application will offer to divide the original number.

In the “By heart” section there is an extended multiplication table up to the number 99. In the settings you can select a language, a theme, you can customize the sound, the numeric keypad and turn off notifications .

A single game consists of successive examples that need to be solved in a limited time. In the mode settings, you can select the time interval. You can also select a difficulty level of up to 5 units. You can also choose the type of keyboard – normal, answer options or the “Yes” and “No” buttons.

The application is extremely functional and convenient. If the user makes an error during the test, the application will display a detailed instruction with a quick solution to the example. For example, I discovered many new tricks for myself, which, no doubt, will help in the future.

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