Meizu 15. Render and details

<pre>Meizu 15. Render and details

Meizu 15 renderers appeared on the web. Two smartphones of this generation of devices from the company Meizu are expected in the near future. From the devices are waiting not only for the flagship “iron” and modern full-screen design. Even the Meizu M15 Plus will be equipped with a screen fingerprint scanner, which is already seen by users as one of the most significant innovations in the mobile industry.

 Meizu 15 Render?

The Meizu smaller version 15. It is similar to Meizu 15 Plus, whose supposed images have been previously seen by users. On the rear panel is a vertical module of the dual camera device, which supports phase detection and laser autofocus. The camera of the upcoming release is equipped with a 10-LED flash, which for the first time found its use in Meizu Pro 6 Plus. More details on the new message about the upcoming device from Meizu were reviewed by Yordan on the pages of the resource

On the front panel of the smartphone rendered there is a screen bent in both directions, similar to that found in the Galaxy S7 edge and the generation of smartphones Galaxy S8. The fingerprint scanner located below is round and similar to the one used in Apple devices. This could mean the return of the mBack button, which was replaced with the Meizu M6s touchscreen Super mBack.

It is expected that the Meizu 15 and the larger Meizu 15 Plus will debut in February 2018. Their names reflect the fifteenth anniversary of a well-known Chinese company. According to some rumors that appeared in the first half of December 2017, the prices of devices will be in the range from 2,999 to 3,499 yuan (in the equivalent – from 450 to 530 US dollars).

Most recently, Meizu presented the previously reviewed Meizu M6S and all the attention of connoisseurs of the company's products is now drawn to the upcoming phones, which will be released by the 15th anniversary of Meizu. We are talking about the models of the Meizu generation 15. A few days ago, on the Web, there were also supposedly larger model renderers – Meizu 15 Plus. They were reviewed by the resource

 Render Meizu 15 Plus?

These images show a smartphone with thin frames on three sides. The upper screen frame is somewhat thicker than the others, since it is necessary to place a self-camera and sensor devices on it. “Leakage” also indicates the possibility of equipping the smartphone with the chipset Snapdragon 845 or Exynos 8895. It also notes the price of the device, which can reach 3,599 yuan (equivalent – about 562 US dollars), which is slightly higher than the one previously assumed.

On the sketch, presumably depicting the back panel of a device not yet shown to a wide audience, you can see the dual camera of the novelty and the ring of the LED (flash) flash. Under the camera module is located AF-sensor. It should be noted that such an arrangement is characteristic of the Meizu Pro 6 Plus smartphone already known to users.

 Meizu 15 Plus Render?

It is noted that the image in question does not show the location of the fingerprint scanner. This means that it can be placed on the side of the phone, as in the Meizu M6S or in the novelty there will be an application of a more innovative approach – the fingerprint scanner will be built directly into the display using a sensor from Synaptics. This design was previously used by Vivo in its amazing X20 Plus UD smartphone.

As previously reported, consumers can be offered two versions of the smartphone in question, differing in memory configurations. In one of them, 6-gigabyte RAM will be combined with a 128-gigabyte built-in storage. In the second version there will be impressive 8 gigabytes of RAM even today with the same storage capacity of 128 gigabytes.

To date, little is known about the yet unrepresented novelty of Meizu. But in February, closer to the Chinese New Year, information about the device, probably will be more. According to the company's founder Jack Wong, the novelty will be released by the holidays and will be available in March 2018. The confidence that smartphones will prove to be exactly the same as shown by the renderers is, of course, not.

These devices will not be the only ones that the company will please the audience soon. According to earlier reports, Meizu is going to release only six of its new smartphones in the first half of 2018. It is also noted that five of them will be based on hardware platforms Qualcomm Snapdragon and only one device – on Samsung Exynos. Since the Meizu M6S presented in the second half of January 2018 is equipped with the Exynos chipset, it is very likely that the Meizu M15 Plus hardware will be based on Snapdragon 845, the hardware platform of many of the most significant flagships that are still to be seen this year

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