Meizu will attract consumers to test a new smartphone

<pre>Meizu will attract consumers to test a new smartphone

Meizu intends to allow some users to test the gaming smartphone E3 before the start of sales, reports gizmochina. The corresponding statement was made by the brand representatives on February 7, starting accepting applications from interested fans of the brand. According to the results of the survey, 10 lucky people will be selected who will receive a free sample.

An important condition for participation, which Meizu demands from future testers, is the need to prepare a detailed review of the device. This will be a kind of payment for a smartphone. If the survey material is arranged by a jury of company employees, the smartphone will be left to the user. Otherwise, you will either have to rewrite the feedback, or return the device to the manufacturer.

Meizu does not disclose the name of the smartphone that is being tested. The version that he is a gamer model E3, belongs to journalists gizmochina. It is possible, however, that the manufacturer needed to know the opinion of consumers about its first frameless Meizu 15 Plus smartphone, the presentation of which can take place during the Mobile Congress in Barcelona.

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