Microsoft dreams of forever changing corporate meetings

<pre>Microsoft dreams of forever changing corporate meetings

The majority of those working in the corporate environment are not interested in any kind of corporate meetings, as a rule, they are boring and unproductive. Microsoft attempted to break this vicious circle.

As part of its traditional annual Build conference, Microsoft introduced a meeting format using a round-robin camera and a microphone system, through which not only individuals can be identified, but also decoded what they said in the meeting real-time mode.

During the interactive meeting, the microphones accurately reproduce what each participant says, followed by a text display on the Surface Hub, a universal office device for group discussions. Thus, any remote employee can become a full participant in the corporate meeting, even if it is difficult for him to hear the speaker or he is not a native speaker.

As a supplement, Microsoft is trying to use its developments in the field of artificial intelligence. In particular, the AI ​​reacts automatically to the meaning of the spoken phrases. For example, if the speaker said: “I will definitely create such a schedule and send it by e-mail”, the AI ​​will later remind him about this through the chat of the Microsoft Team.

In addition, Microsoft demonstrated the possibility of remote real-time collaboration between the two participants of the meeting with the help of HoloLens Augmented Reality glasses, while others use information from the Surface Hub screen.

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