Microsoft will create a block-based identification system

<pre>Microsoft will create a block-based identification system

The technological giant from Redmond is keeping pace with the times, planning in the near future to use a block to create decentralized identifiers that can be a reliable means of authenticity verification. Microsoft designs its own development in the field of personal data management, making their personal information even more secure.

Traditional forms of identification are beginning to become outdated, more insistent demanding a replacement, so the developers are sure that a decentralized system that is not controlled by any organization, can become for them a worthy successor. The decentralized ID will give the user complete control over their identity and reputation, and the mechanisms created by Microsoft on the basis of the blockbuster will allow them to be protected properly, as this technology is capable of securing confidentiality and restricting access to data without the permission of their owner.

“We carefully studied the decentralized data storage systems, and then came to the conclusion that the technology of the blockade and its protocols are suitable for the decentralization of IDs.”

The developers consider Bitcoin's, Ethereum's blockbodies as the appropriate platforms for realizing their idea and Lightcoyne. Implement the idea is planned on the principle of Lightning Network, which will handle large amounts of identification data without overloading the main block network.

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