MIT and Puma released sneakers with “bacteriological ventilation”

<pre>MIT and Puma released sneakers with

As you know, good sports shoes should not only be comfortable, but well ventilated. In this case, the metabolism of each person is different, which affects all processes of life, so in the same situation, people sweat differently. A sweat is a favorable environment for the development of fungi and pathogenic bacteria. How to be? Sew individual shoes for everyone? It is not necessary, after all, experts from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), in conjunction with the manufacturer of sports goods Puma, have launched running shoes, which are controlled by special bacteria.

The collection of sneakers is called Adaptive Dynamics, and this is one of the first types of shoes with elements in the world called biodesign. This means that some functions use live bacteria. In this case, they are responsible for the ventilation of shoes. How does this happen? Microorganisms are activated at a time when physical activity increases, and with it the temperature. The higher the intensity of training and the temperature – the higher the rate of reproduction of bacteria.

The bacteria themselves “live” in special compartments, which, when destroyed, become pores for ventilation. In the process of life, bacteria feed on sneakers and form ventilation holes. But worry about the fact that the bacteria will eat all the shoes, it's not worth it. They can absorb only a certain kind of material to improve heat transfer. Also in Adaptive Dynamic sneakers are built sensors that collect information about movement and physical activity. It is expected that the collection will appear on the market in the form of a limited series, after which some of the developments can be used in the main line of Puma products.

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