MoviePass Announces New Ticket Verification Policy

<pre>MoviePass Announces New Ticket Verification Policy

The first thing you need to know about the new policy: “if you fail to submit your ticket” stub more than once, your account will be canceled and you'll be ineligible to sign up for a new MoviePass account, 'it warned.

MoviePass is testing a new Ticket Verification policy is designed to crack down on fraudulent activity.

“Starting over the next few days, each time you purchase a movie with your MoviePass card, you will be asked to upload a photo of your ticket stub, “the company explained in an email to subscribers. “This photo needs to be uploaded before you are able to purchase your next movie ticket through MoviePass.”

The company means business about this new policy: “if you fail to submit your ticket” stub more than once, your account will “

MoviePass said the policy will help him” better track user behavior “

“The ultimate goal is to keep theaters up, and we appreciate you working with us as we upgrade our systems,” the company wrote.

continue to check in to the movies through the MoviePass app like the usual. After checking in, you'll be prompted to snap and submit a photo of your ticket. MoviePass said the photo verification process “will only take seconds.” Once the verification goes though, you'll be able to purchase your next ticket the next day. You'll have to turn to the next step. You will have to go to the next place. what happened. For more information on the Ticket Verification policy, head here.

This is not the first time MoviePass has changed its policies on a whim. The company in late April updated its terms to prevent users from seeing the same film more than once. MoviePass has also been experimented with several different pricing plans and promotions as of late, recently axing its flagship “unlimited” plan only to bring it back two weeks later.

Meanwhile, if you're put off by MoviePass's frequent policy changes and / or its recent privacy scandal, there is an alternative. Rival movie theater subscription service Sinemia has just been launched plans for $ 4.99 per month for one ticket to any movie or $ 6.99 per month for two tickets.

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