Music Racer – for connoisseurs of retweave

<pre>Music Racer - for connoisseurs of retweave

Music Racer is a race in the retweave style. Perhaps, this is its main feature, which will undoubtedly immediately attract the attention of many connoisseurs of retweave-style. The game has excellent graphics: everything is blurry and stylized as retweave. The player can choose a different transport, buying it for the game currency, which can be obtained while driving. The game has no rivals, and the road, according to our observations, is generated randomly. In this case, you can choose different environments before the start of the race.

However, you will not start the race unless there is at least one music track in the device memory. The main feature of the game is the ability to generate pulsations, rhythm and speed of the car based on the track being listened to.

And with the help of transport, the player collects bits on the card that are generated in accordance with the rhythm of the track. And it's pretty funny, because nothing like this before, no one did. In Music Racer combined beautiful stylized graphics, dynamic generation of events and environments based on music and the very style of retweave.

The output is a product of excellent quality. Questions can cause the implementation of transport management, but, believe me, this is not the main thing.

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