NASA officially registered Ilona's Mask as an astronomical object

<pre>NASA officially registered Ilona's Mask as an astronomical object

Literally a couple of days ago, Ilon Mask carried out the first launch of its ultra-heavy carrier rocket Falcon Heavy. On board the rocket was a private car Mask Tesla Roadster red with a fixed in it dummy called Starman. The first space vehicle is currently moving steadily in the direction of Mars, and meanwhile the US space agency NASA decided to include the car in the catalog of astronomical objects of the solar system.

Ilona Mask's personal car suddenly became a legend and entered the list of astronomical objects. Want to see this personally? You can go to the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory site and click the CHANGE button next to the Target Body field. Now, enter it into the empty SpaceX field and press the confirm button. The following text will appear: “SpaceX Roadster (spacecraft) (Tesla)”. Now, click the Generate ephemeris button and you will be able to find out all the details about the selected celestial body.

In addition to the name of the object (in parentheses it is even indicated that the second name of Tesla Roadster is Starman), you can find out a detailed description of its cargo (including a tiny toy model Roadster), the mass of the object (about 1250 kilograms), the date of its launch into space and even the description of the trajectory of the car's flight. Whatever it was, Ilona Mask managed to once again go down in history, incidentally organizing lifelong advertising of their cars in the official catalog of astronomical objects.

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