Nectome will kill you so you can live forever

<pre>Nectome will kill you so you can live forever

Nectome is a start-up originally from the Silicon Valley, funded by the Y Combinator venture fund, known as a business incubator for small companies working in the field of information technology. The goal of the startup is to store the person's body or brain indefinitely with the help of cryogenic technologies until the technologies of its “return to life” appear.

Such services have not been rare recently. A lot of “cryogenic” companies offer potential customers for a lot of money to freeze the body after death.

Unlike them, Nectome offers a “freeze” even during life with the help of a chemical cocktail, which turns the living brain into a piece of ice, which theoretically preserves in this kind of neural connections until a happy resurrection. In other words, the company offers to kill you to keep your brain in perfect condition.

In fact, the technology offered by Nectome is a form of euthanasia legitimized in the state of California. The project is designed, first of all, for doomed patients, who are offered to voluntarily leave this life in the hope that one day they will be “woken up”.

The Nectome Initiators are trying to obtain guarantees from state law enforcement agencies that their company will not be closed. At the same time, anyone who wants to pay 10,000 dollars will be immediately included in the coveted list of those awaiting resurrection.

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