Nestle will develop individual diets based on DNA tests

<pre>Nestle will develop individual diets based on DNA tests

Recently, DNA tests can tell a lot about a person and these data can be used not only for scientific purposes, but also in order to extract additional benefits. At least that's what Nestle believes, whose specialists will start developing and selling individual nutrition plans based on DNA testing in the near future.

Bloomberg reports a very unusual idea. According to available information, individually developed food, according to the company, will increase life expectancy and preserve people's health. Moreover, Nestle has already started conducting the first tests. The experiment is very ambitious and for him 100,000 inhabitants of Japan were chosen. All of them will receive special devices for the collection of genetic material, which can be used directly at home, without any special knowledge. The collected samples will then be sent to the Nestle laboratory, where on the basis of the data received, the company's experts will advise each particular subject what diet to adhere to and what additives to include in their diet, and which should be avoided. Moreover, these additives will be delivered directly to the person in an easy-to-use form and will not have to buy separately.

At the moment, it is known that the cost of the program will be about 600 US dollars per year. And, according to experts, the use of individual nutrition plans based on DNA tests will reveal susceptibility to such serious conditions as increased cholesterol or diabetes, reducing the likelihood of their development. In addition, it is argued that the new program will help to control weight better, but how effective the Nestle project will be will be possible to reason only after some time.

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