New advertising showed the work of Apple Pay Cash

<pre>New advertising showed the work of Apple Pay Cash

Services Apple Pay made our life much more convenient. Today we can safely leave the house without money and bank cards, with only a smartphone. He will pay for everything you need. Life will become even more convenient with Apple Pay Cash. Want to see how it works?

Apple's new short advertising is dedicated to the work of Apple Pay Cash. This is a service for exchange of funds through iMessage.

The video demonstrates the correspondence of two people, one of whom must pay 700 dollars for the rental of real estate. It took no more than 15 seconds to request money and send it.

Apple Pay Cash was launched in December last year. Over time, he comes to new countries. We can not say that today we have some problems with sending money between users. Almost every iPhone has a bank application. But Apple Pay Cash will not be superfluous.

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