New Google Map's updates could possibly include the arrival times and battery stats – Tech News

Rumour has it that the new Google Maps updates will include more options than just share and save. — AFP

The report is based on 'teardowns' made by Android Police.

In other words, the tech savvy Android enthusiasts are combing through the coding for Google Maps v.9.71 Beta and analysing what they find.

However, what becomes of the beta version has yet to be seen. What is known is that some people are seeing a slightly different menu on Google Maps when they have selected a destination.

The options that usually appear include: Directions, Call, Save, Share. But now some smartphones pose a 'Screenshot' button, and coding found by Android.

According to the two new strings found in the APK file, the information shared between users may look like “David's battery level is between 10% to 20% and is charging” or “David's battery level is between 25% to 35% and is not charging. ”

For mass transit, the coding suggests that Google Maps will continue to improve the logistics for people meeting up or commuting regularly. For example, users may be able to select favorite bus, tram or train stations as well as share their arrival times and send notifications upon arrival.

It is not clear if, or when, such updates could take place to the app. – AFP Relaxnews

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