New iPhone printed on the printer

<pre>New iPhone printed on the printer

Despite the fact that little is known about the characteristics of the new iPhone, the already available information about smartphones makes it possible to understand what dimensions all three devices will have. For the sake of clarity, Chinese enthusiasts used a 3D printer and printed models of future Apple smartphones.

It turned out that the smallest smartphone would be the usual iPhone X – its length was 143.65 mm and its width – 72.03 mm. A little more will be an inexpensive iPhone with an LCD-screen – its length and width will be 150 mm and 75.72 mm respectively. The largest device was the iPhone X Plus: length 157.53 mm, width – 77, 44 mm. The resulting smartphones were demonstrated on video.

As noted by 9to5Mac, all three mock-ups were created on the basis of Apple's vendor schemes, which have recently become available on the Web. However, the questions here are more to the rear panel: thus, in the presented layout, the iPhone with an LCD screen has a single bulging camera, which, with its dimensions, does not look very nice.

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