New packaging will allow you to determine the spoiled products in a second

<pre>New packaging will allow you to determine the spoiled products in a second

How to determine the quality of a product? By color? By the smell? Certainly, but many pathogens, violating the quality of the product, do not always cause noticeable changes to the naked eye. In this case, only the laboratory examination will help. Or a special film that will give you a second to understand: there is a pure product in front of you, or one that you better get rid of.

A team of scientists from the University of McMaster in Canada is responsible for the development. Their film at first glance is transparent and does not differ from the usual packaging film for products. But in contact with food contaminated with E. coli, food bacteria and other pathogens, the film changes color. The test is quite simple: the film needs to wrap the food and wait a few seconds. If the film changes color, food is contaminated. Despite the seeming simplicity of the development, it took almost 15 years to create it.

How is everything arranged? For “accelerated diagnosis” scientists used microscopic inclusions of DNA and bioreagents located on a flexible polyethylene film. When the composition comes into contact with bacteria and their toxins – the film molecules start to glow. As the creators say, this is really quite a convenient and practical method.

“Usually, to determine the quality of a product, you need to process it, take it to the laboratory, or cultivate a part of the sample to find the presence of bacteria and toxins, and also conduct a bunch of laboratory tests. Our goal is to avoid all this. You can get information about the product here and now: just look at the packaging and see if the food is usable or not. And what it is infected there in case of unfitness is not so important, by and large. “

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