New service Apple – in the next year?

<pre>New service Apple - in the next year?

In 2019, Apple plans to introduce a new distribution service for video and magazines and is considering merging it with other products distributed through subscription. This is reported by The Information with reference to informed sources. Previously, the plans of the company could be judged only on the basis of forecasts of industry analysts.

Apple Services

According to The Information, a single service will include access to Apple Music, magazines and newspapers (via Texture), iCloud and Apple's corporate TV show . In order to popularize the new format for distribution of content, the price for a universal subscription will be lower than if it is purchased for each service separately, although this possibility will also remain.


Unifying several services into one and assigning an acceptable the price, in Cupertino will kill two birds with one stone. First, in this way, the company will finally monetize its own TV show, whose assortment will only grow in the future, and, secondly, further enhance the attractiveness of the subscription content distribution format.

This step looks like a far-reaching plan to change the development paradigm of Apple . By investing in the development of services, the company prepares itself for the potential role of a content distributor, which in the future can become one of the most profitable areas of its activities. Anyway, this is indicated by the constantly growing income of Apple from the sale of the subscription.

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