New stealth dron BAE Systems does not have a single moving surface

<pre>New stealth dron BAE Systems does not have a single moving surface

BAE Systems introduced the concept of a promising stealth drones Magma, which has no moving surfaces, it is about the rudders and ailerons that During the flight, the configuration is changed, which increases the visibility of the apparatus for enemy radars.

The Magma process is controlled by a system for redirecting an air jet from the engine and nozzle .In the first case, air is redirected from an engine moving at supersonic speed and reflecting axis from the trailing edge of the wing.In the second case, with the help of a controlled nozzle, the direction of the jet is changed.

Thus, by combining the processes of air jet manipulation, the pilot will be able to control the flight of the drone. According to the developers, the abandonment of hydraulics in favor of air distribution ducts and controlled nozzles, reduce the cost of aircraft, simplify maintenance and, most importantly, make it less visible for detection.

Magma's technology looks promising enough not to say – revolutionary. But so far this achievement is limited to only one experienced drone who has made one successful flight. If further tests confirm the merits of the new BAE Systems technology, then the case for “small” is to scale it for serial production .

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