Newlyweds turned storage for grain in a luxury home

<pre>Newlyweds turned storage for grain in a luxury home

The creativity of some people continues to amaze. Especially when it comes to building houses. We have already seen a house that copies the lunar lander, and talked about amazing mobile homes for millionaires. In today's material, let's take a look at the luxurious house into which the granary turned.

A young couple from Phoenix moved to their new home right after the wedding. Shauna Tibo works as a stylist and owns a boutique. Christophe Kaiser is an architect. Perhaps it was the professions of these young people that influenced their unusual decision during the choice of housing. In their house they turned the storage facility for grain with an area of ​​34 square meters.

Initially, Kaiser bought a granary to fill it with his garden tools. Only after the purchase came a brilliant idea, which after 18 months of work turned the storehouse for grain into a dream home for a young couple.

There are no rooms in their house. On the top floor there is a bedroom, and downstairs there is a kitchen and a bathroom. Much of what can be seen inside their house, manufactured personally by the Kaiser, or made to order. The reason is in the cylindrical shape of the granary. No furniture with corners could be expected.

I had to manually make a sliding rounded glass door. Everything is arranged very compactly, but one great thing is in the house. The projector allows you to watch movies on a round wall opposite the bed. Newlyweds can feel like in a cinema, being in their tiny house.

By the way, Kaiser believes that their house is ideal for a young couple. They spend time together in a fairly compact space, and this brings them closer.

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