Nissan has developed a “self-parking” slippers for Japanese hotels

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Unexpected applications for the technology of autonomous driving ProPilot were found by the engineers of the Japanese auto giant Nissan: they taught themselves to “park” flip-flops given to customers of Japanese hotels.

Thanks to ProPilot technology, cars will become completely autonomous by 2020. However, even now, Nissan specialists decided to adapt its simplified version for office chairs.


In the queue – cushions for sitting, low tables and flip-flops – unchanged items of the interior of traditional Japanese hotels, the rivers, for which the special technology ProPilot Ryokan was developed. Now it's enough to press a special wall button, and all these items will obediently rally to their places in anticipation of regular customers.

Nissan announced in Twitter about the competition, the winners of which – a couple of travelers – will be offered a free night in a hotel in Hakone equipped with ProPilot Ryokan.

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