Norway relies on electricians

<pre>Norway relies on electricians

Representatives of the state Norwegian airport operator Avinor say that in the next 20 years the country plans to fully convert small domestic short-haul aircraft to electric traction, “Avinor head Doug Falk-Petersen told AFP.

The transition is planned to be carried out smoothly : first, airlines will begin to test aircraft on biofuel and will start using hybrid engines. In addition, in 2025, it is planned to launch a small commercial domestic flight, where an electric vehicle will be used, capable of carrying up to 19 people on board.

Gradually, experts will appreciate all the pros and cons, learn the “pitfalls” of the future transition of domestic flights to electric traction, and then begin to smoothly introduce restrictions and prohibitions on the use of old aircraft.

The authors of the project are confident that the transition to electric aircraft will positively affect the environmental situation in Norway by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, this will reduce the costs of airlines.

The preliminary date was chosen not accidentally – now there are no engines capable of raising the airplane for 20-30 people, the experts predict the appearance of such aircraft before 2040 – these forecasts in Avinor and are oriented.

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