“Notch again!”: Sharp Aquos S3 on the “live” photo


iPhone X has a surprisingly fine framework, and it is already clear that this device is setting trends. The company Huawei on March 27 is preparing to introduce P20 Lite and Plus. Devices outwardly will almost completely repeat the iPhone X. And probably the P20 will not be the last device similar to the iPhone X.

Next on the turn will be Sharp Aquos S3, the “live” photo of which appeared on the web:

However, to be sure in that it really is a parody of the iPhone X, we have prepared a “live” photo of the back panel:

Now there is no doubt left. Sharp Aquos S3 is based on the iPhone X. And the device should also be introduced very soon. At the same time, I want to note that the device looks very nice, and if its cost is about $ 500-600, it can certainly be considered for purchase, because Sharp is a Japanese company that has always been famous for the quality of its smartphones, especially the Sharp capabilities to produce the best quality IPS-displays on the market.

Therefore, it can not be said that this is a cheap copy. On the contrary, this is a high-quality analogue of the iPhone X for those who do not like iOS, but futurism, which manifests itself in the forms of the iPhone X.

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