Official Android P DP 2 wallpaper available for download

<pre>Official Android P DP 2 wallpaper available for download

Yesterday, Google devoted much of the presentation to the innovation of Android P. In addition to automatically recording for a haircut and monitoring the duration of the device, users also paid attention to a new wallpaper. Enthusiasts have extracted the image and made it available to everyone.

The photo is beautiful. Most likely, this is an aerial shot of a snow-covered beach and ocean, reports 9to5google. The image was shared by Semih Çelik on Google+.

You can download the original image here. For some reason, the image is still not in the Wallpaper app, which is usually supplied by backgrounds to most Pixel smartphones users.

The system innovations and Google's course of development are traditionally discussed in the official telegram-chat of AndroidInsider.

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