OnePlus “broke” smartphones passers-by after comparing with 5T


OnePlus marketers are able to shoot resonant advertising. A month ago, they compared the speed of the flagship and Galaxy Note 8, along with “stupid peasants.” After that, the dog was downed to the actor to check the video stabilization quality. In the new video, the authors decided to frighten random passers-by.

The idea is simple – strolling through the streets of London offered to compare their device with OnePlus 5T. For this, owners were asked to perform a certain action on the speed. It was necessary to unlock the phone, take a picture, turn on the flashlight and start the music.

The users of the iPhone X, iPhone 8, Samsung Galaxy S8 and Note 8 decided to battle with OnePlus 5T. All models were losers.

All the charm of the video is at the junction . The author of the experiment allegedly smashed the losers of smartphones, but in fact replaced them with copies.


The owners did not hide their anger, but after the disclosure of the cards they changed attitudes. As a reward, a brand new OnePlus 5T performed.

To comment on the marketing strategy of the Chinese manufacturer, it is possible in the official telegram-chat of AndroidInsider.

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