Owl Car Cam Adds Android Support, Enhances Security Features

<pre>Owl Car Cam Adds Android Support, Enhances Security Features

The unique Owl camera, which films inside and outside your car at the same time, all the time, and stores. Now there's Android support and some welcome new features.

When dash cams first started appearing they had one purpose: record video while you drive and keep it as a record in the case there's an accident. More recently, dash cams are getting smarter to the point where they can appear on the road. The Owl Car Cam takes vehicle monitoring to the next level using two cameras, and it's just got a major update on new features and support for Android.

Owl differentiates itself by embedding two HD cameras in a single, dash mounted unit. That way, both. What's going on. The stored video is on a 14 day loop and that's the length of time is important because Owl is “always on.”

The always on feature allows for instant video access using a 4G LTE connection. So if you're away from your car, just want to check in on it, just pull out your smartphone and load up the app for a live video feed. Until today, that was only possible on iOS, but Owl just rolled out support for Android for many more vehicle owners to take advantage.

Another bonus of the cameras it is much easier to track down the thief. The camera is capable of detecting when an application is detected, using motion, impact, and audio sensors.

The latest version of the Owl Car Cam app for both iOS and Android includes a complete user interface redesign, allowing the app to work in portrait mode and simplifies the process of finding and sharing video clips (on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube). There's also an enhanced car finder feature that shows both of you and your car. Finally, it's now faster to access and store up to two weeks of video stored on your camera through the app.

If you want an Owl Car Cam, it costs $ 349 including one year of LTE Instant video service, unlimited video alerts, and 60 minutes of video making and viewing a month. Additional years of the Instant Video service will costs $ 99, but they are optional. Without it, all video can be accessed, but only over a WiFi connection.

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