Owner Tesla for a year and a half deprived of rights for the rudder

<pre>Owner Tesla for a year and a half deprived of rights for the rudder

Tesla will be the first to ask you not to trust the autopilot too much. Currently, it is rather an advanced assistant driver, rather than a full-fledged self-governing system. However, drivers are already beginning to ignore these simple tips – and will continue to be worse. A resident of British Nottingham, Bhavesh Patel lost his driver's license for a year and a half after he was caught sitting in the passenger seat of his Model S. The man said that he activated the autopilot and he “perfectly” coped with driving a car driving at a speed of 60 kilometers per hour on a busy

No, there was no accident. But it is not important. The police noted that the driver behaved “blatantly irresponsible” and risked not only his life, but also “other innocent people.” In addition to the denial of rights, Patel was sentenced to 100 hours of administrative work and a fine of $ 2,480.

Should I say why his behavior was dangerous? Autopilot (Autopilot function, which is equipped with all modern Tesla) can support the car on its lane at a certain speed, but it will not perform evasive maneuvers or else somehow respond in emergency situations. In any case, no one guarantees that he will do it better than a man. However, questions arise as Patel managed to maintain the autopilot in working order. The system requires that you keep your hands on the steering wheel. Ignoring the warning for a minute will not only lead to the disabling of the autopilot, but also (if there is no reaction) to completely mute the car engine. Patel probably did not stay in the passenger seat for long, but the very fact that he was crawling into the passenger seat at full speed leaves no doubt that the punishment was followed fairly.

Another question is that as autonomous traffic systems spread, drivers will all less time to give independent driving and increasingly neglect warnings. Will not chaos begin? Bravado and excessive trust in the autopilot can lead to very undesirable consequences.

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