Owners of OnePlus 6 will be able to hide its main flaw

<pre>Owners of OnePlus 6 will be able to hide its main flaw

Owners of OnePlus 6 will be able to hide the notch on the top of the smartphone display with the help of standard tools. This was stated by the company's CEO Pete Lau. Despite the fact that the top manager prefers not to resort to this feature, it will be available with one of the firmware updates.

OnePlus developers considered the interface possibility of hiding the notch even at the prototype stage of OnePlus 6, confirmed Pete Lau. However, he clarified, then it was decided not to add a darkening strip to the firmware of the smartphone, so that the owners could use it in the form in which it was originally conceived.

“I still believe that the best way to experience the full potential of OnePlus 6 – it's interacting with it in full-screen mode, “Lau says. “But recently, users are increasingly interested in the ability to hide [выемку]and we respect their feelings, so we will give them the right to choose.”

The interface of the future OnePlus 6 will make its screen symmetrical, coloring the areas around the edges from the dredging to black . This space, however, will not be wasted. There will be icons showing information about the battery level, the quality of the connection to the Network and the activity of the wireless interfaces.

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