Owners of smartphones on Android can now send messages from any computer

<pre>Owners of smartphones on Android can now send messages from any computer

Google has finally implemented its version of iMessage on Mac, which allows you to receive messages for the iPhone on laptops Mac. In the case of Google, users are given advanced features – it claims support for all Android devices and all major browsers. Thus, you can conduct continuous communication, regardless of whether you are currently using a computer or a smartphone.

To activate the web client for Android Messages, you need to install the application on your smartphone if it is not there, or run if available. Next, go to the settings menu and search for the item “Web version of Messages”. Now on the computer, start the browser and open the page at https://messages.android.com. We see the QR-code to be scanned by the smartphone to confirm the procedure.

That's all, now correspondence in the smartphone is available and on the PC. And it is available with full functionality, and users are available all the same elements as on the phone: emoji, stickers, adding photos, etc. The list of subscribers will be copied from the phone book, the data on the correspondence will be synchronized automatically between the gadgets.

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