Owners of the Galaxy S7, do not upgrade!

<pre>Owners of the Galaxy S7, do not upgrade!

Today we have already published the news related to the Galaxy S7 update, but we want to once again warn our readers. Owners of Galaxy S7, do not upgrade. In our Telegram chat, there are already examples of an unsuccessful update, which we will now talk about.

At 12:48 Moscow time our reader Eugenio, who lives in Italy, shared his experience of updating the device. He sent a photo of the device after an unsuccessful update:

On the smartphone screen, the user is asked to restore the device via the Smart Switch. This is a program for backing up and restoring the Samsung smartphone system.

We contacted Eugenio for comments on this situation. He told us that he tried all the possible options: Smart Switch and even ODIN.

Android 8 came in, and at the end of 95% there was an error … He says that I should contact Samsung.

Thus, we are extremely we do not recommend updating Galaxy S7. In this situation, one should only wait for a decision from Samsung.

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