Pitta: action camera and drone in one gadget


Startup Eyedea Pitta is focused on those who want to buy a single mobile video camera for all occasions. That is, do not overpay and do not bother with a set of different devices. To this end, the authors of the project created a single universal module with a removable chassis.

The Pitta base is a digital camera that, together with a battery and a wireless device, is housed in a spherical casing. The camera has a matrix resolution of 13 megapixels, can shoot in 4K / 30 fps format, but to view the captured video and manage the gadget you will need a connection to the smartphone.

By default, two types of fasteners are available – a bracket for mounting on the handle, a bicycle helm or helmet, and a quadrocopter chassis that turns Pitta into a drone. In this form, he can track the specified goal, fly along a given trajectory, return to the starting point, and also has the functions of automatic take-off and landing. The flight time for one battery charge is 15 minutes.

The third, unofficial function of Pitta: a multi-purpose home camera, connected to a local Wi-Fi network and adapting for arbitrary purposes. The device without a chassis weighs 200 grams and is placed in the palm of your hand. Its expected retail price is $ 269.

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