Pixelphone M1 – the Russian smartphone is presented

<pre>Pixelphone M1 - the Russian smartphone is presented

Russian smartphone company Pixelphone introduced its first device Pixelphone M1. The device turned out to be quite ordinary, although, of course, there were hopes that the company would approach the issue more seriously.

Externally the device looks standard. Now all the ordinary Chinese look that way. It is not necessary to speak about any individuality, unfortunately. Of the features it is worth noting only the non-standard aspect ratio of 18: 9. In addition, I do not exclude that the live device will be felt much better than in the photos.

Otherwise, we have a conventional device equipped with an MT6737 processor, 2 gigabytes of RAM and 16 GB of internal memory, a 2500 mAh battery, a double rear camera (13 Mp + HD) and 5-Mp frontal. The display here is 5.5-inch with a resolution of qHD + (1280 x 640 pixels).

The cost of the device is 6,990 rubles. Of course, for this money you should not expect something special, but for the same 7 thousand rubles on AliExpress, for example, you can buy Redmi 5, it is better than Pixelphone in all respects and already now has a good base of users.

The guys from Pixelphone , representing a similar device, should have something to hook the consumer. In the case of M1, this does not happen. They highlight the design, but it is already familiar here for the Chinese market.

The problem of the market, in my opinion, is that the Fly-like devices for 5-7 thousand rubles are not as much interested in consumers as it was before. Now much more popular are the solutions for 13-15 thousand rubles, which take over a number of flagship chips and for many are the golden mean when you enjoy the use of the device.

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