Providers began to block Telegram

<pre>Providers began to block Telegram

According to numerous reports, some providers have already started executing the court's decision to block the Telegram messaging service in Russia. YOTA and MegaFon are already blocking the messages in Telegram, and the service itself began calling the “survivors”. MTS also does not have a tool to post articles in the service: The rest of the locks are a matter of time.

While users are looking for ways to bypass the lock with free, paid and built-in proxies, many are wondering how much pressure will be exerted on Telegram from outside. For example, will the Telegram operators be removed from the plug-in options? Or: will Telegram be removed from the App Store and Google Play?

The Web version of Telegram also stopped working properly.

Roskomnadzor reported that it sent telecom operators information about restricting access to Telegram. According to the head of the department Alexander Zharov, the process of blocking will take several hours. He added that today Roskomnadzor will ask the App Store and Google Play to remove the application from their online stores.

Pavel Durov, creator and CEO of the messenger, published his instructions on surviving Telegram on April 13:

  • Telegram will use built-in workarounds locks that do not require actions from users, but 100% service availability without VPN is not guaranteed.
  • During the first hours of blocking, third-party VPN / Proxy services can be overloaded and are likely to work slowly.
  • Regardless of presence of locks Telegram will retain the ability to centrally send notifications to all Russian users, informing about the development of the situation.
  • Important: Do not remove or reinstall Telegram if there are communication problems. Try to download Telegram updates in time on the App Store or on Google Play.

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