Qualcomm introduced the Snapdragon 700 platform

<pre>Qualcomm introduced the Snapdragon 700 platform

Qualcomm Company introduced the Snapdragon 700 platform, on which all subsequent processors of this family will work. A feature of the 700 series will be technologies that were previously available only on award-winning chipsets of the 800 series.

It is about supporting artificial intelligence based on Qualcomm® Artificial Intelligence (AI) Engine, photo opportunities, performance and power consumption in comparison will be improved with the 600th series. It's about Kryo cores and Qualcomm Spectra ™ ISP and Qualcomm® Hexagon ™ chips.

In addition, an energy efficiency improvement of 30% is expected compared to the Snapdragon 660. The new series of processors will receive support for Quick Charge 4+ (up to 50% of the battery charge at 2750 mAh for 15 minutes). It is also expected to support Bluetooth 5.

Deliveries of the first processors will start in the first quarter of this year. While it is difficult to say how popular these processors will be, after all, their cost will certainly be rather big. At least expect that they will be much cheaper than processors of the 800 series, not worth it.

Snapdragon 660 did not become popular, and Qualcomm processors are usually chosen between the budget Snapdragon 450-625 and the flagship 835. Although , of course, the company's desire to give producers more choice in the sub-flagship sector pleases.

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