Razer closes online storage of the first cloud smartphone

<pre>Razer closes online storage of the first cloud smartphone

Razer, which bought the rights to the project of the first “cloud” smartphone Robin, announced its intention to close the online store Nextbit. In this regard, all owners of the model using the “cloud”, it is recommended to carry important data transfer before March 1, 2018.

Robin from Nextbit was announced as the first smartphone, independent of the amount of internal memory. The manufacturer offered customers 100 GB of storage in a cloud storage, allowing you to download all the information, including photos, videos, and data of unused applications.

For the convenience of users, developers provided a minimalistic indicator on the back of the device, indicating the availability of available storage. A similar indication is used by manufacturers of portable memory devices, demonstrating the level of charge.

Earlier it became known that Razer began using the developments of Nextbit in developing its own line of Razer Phone. The proprietary smartphone Razer received a screen with a refresh rate of 120 Hz, a pair of stereo speakers and an energy-intensive battery for 4000 mAh. The price of the model in the US retail is 700 dollars.

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