Realfiction will transfer the augmented reality to 64-inch screens

<pre>Realfiction will transfer the augmented reality to 64-inch screens

We are used to the fact that under augmented reality we mean video games like Pokemon Go or devices like HoloLens from Microsoft. Today, AR meets practically at every step, and the excitement around it is somewhat skewed, even though companies like Apple are making every effort to make this technology once again popular. The company Realfiction decided to approach the issue from a slightly different angle. Her engineers developed 64-inch screens that can change our notion of augmented reality.

The screen was called Deepframe (“deep frame” – English), which accurately describes what it is capable of. And he is capable of what brings the augmented reality beyond the narrow screen of a smartphone or lenses of smart glasses, making it visible to many people at the same time. The transparent glass reflects the picture from the 65-inch OLED-display with a resolution of 4K. Thus, an illusion is created that in front of you in the room there is a figure of a person or, for example, a living dinosaur. Given that behind the object you see the interior of the room in which you are, sensations (if you believe those who had time to try Deepframe on themselves) are very interesting.

There is no electronic filling inside Deepframe. You can easily replace the regular 4K display with 8K, thereby improving the quality of the final image. The scope of such a technology is quite wide, but given the high cost of the device (roughly about $ 50,000), only the owners of shopping centers, museums, exhibition halls and other entertainments can afford such a pleasure to attract the attention of their customers. Once we saw something similar in the movie “Time Machine” (2002), based on the work of Herbert Wells – there appeared on such screens a virtual consultant who talked with visitors to the museum-archive.

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