Recovered iPhone 6s in Russia fell to 20 thousand rubles

<pre>Recovered iPhone 6s in Russia fell to 20 thousand rubles

The price of the restored iPhone 6s with the base volume of the built-in drive in the official Russian retail dropped below 20 thousand rubles. In this was convinced, having studied the proposals of domestic retailers with the help of an independent system “Yandex.Market.”

The most affordable price for the iPhone 6s marked “as new” was installed by Russian operators. Beeline, Megafon and MTS realize a flagship three years ago at a price of only 19,990 rubles. The device offers Svyaznoy for 1,000 rubles, promising a discount of 3% when paid online.

Refurbished iPhone – Is it worth buying

The restored iPhone does not have any noticeable differences from the new ones. The mark is Refurbished or “as new” means that the smartphone has already been in the hands of the user, but for some reason has been returned to the store. Such devices undergo the procedure for checking defects, get a new case, accessories and an annual warranty, but are much cheaper at the same time.

By purchasing an iPhone marked “as new” in the official retail, you are guaranteed to receive a smartphone that has undergone recovery from production partners Apple. If any deficiencies are discovered, you can always contact the seller for a refund or service.

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