Risky Road is a trucker's nightmare

<pre>Risky Road is a trucker's nightmare

Judging by the films, there are few surprises in the trucker's work. The main thing is to bring the load to the right place and not to drive at the slightest signs of fatigue. In Risky Road everything is much cooler. In the game, we overcome obstacles as quickly as possible and at the same time try to keep the egg in the trailer.

It sounds strange, but this is the meaning of RIsky Road. We are trusted with a truck and an egg in the trunk. Control is simple: pressing on the screen accelerates the car, and the absence of touch reduces the speed. The task is to reach the finish line and keep the cargo intact.

The main relief will be the relief. Unevenness leads the truck out of balance, which makes it difficult to control the steering. In the course of arrival, additional obstacles will appear on the way. Especially careful to be with the panels extending out of the ground, which easily turn the car over.

Developers introduced protection from cunning players who hoped to drive the entire map at minimum speed. So it will not work. In some areas, you have to accelerate to jump over the abyss or make a “sun”. In such cases, if kilometers per hour will be missed, the egg will necessarily fall out, and the level will have to be repeated.

During the ride we collect coins and bonuses. Money is needed to buy new colors of transport and cargo. For every upgrade, ask 200 coins.

Risky Road is the recognizable child of Ketchapp. The game combines simple control and minimal meaning. At the same time, the application is very exciting and does not let you come off.

Appendix: Risky Road Developer: Ketchapp Category: Arcade Price: Free (with built-in purchases) Download: Google Play The application was already interested:             0 people

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