Russians attacking fake Uber application

<pre>Russians attacking fake Uber application
Symantec lab experts learned about the existence of a new malicious application posing as Uber and stealing user data. Counterfeiting is spread by compromised websites and is very popular among Russians. It is noted that a fake pretending to be Uber collects not only user location data that can be sold to advertisers, but also its payment information. Owners of the latter, scammers can easily clean up the bank accounts of the victim. “We want to protect our customers, and therefore integrated a reliable security and control system into the service that helps to detect unauthorized access to accounts and blocks them,” commented the situation in press service Uber. In order to avoid a collision with counterfeits, it is strongly recommended not to download the software from unreliable sources and monitor the permissions that the application requests. Obviously, most downloadable utilities should not be allowed to access SMS messages and contacts.   Source link