Samsung advertised Galaxy S9 on Oscar

<pre>Samsung advertised Galaxy S9 on Oscar

The Oscar-2018 awards ceremony was held tonight. The event traditionally attracted the attention of millions of viewers, and at the same time with it – the interest of advertisers. One of them was Samsung, which showed a video with the new Galaxy S9.

Oscar 2018 with Samsung

The message of the video echoes with the campaign “Do what you can not,” reports Phone Arena. The authors of the video advocate the transition to action.

What exactly to do is not important. As an option, they suggest doing something strange, great and beautiful.


Make mistakes until you finally make it.

The video is motivational. In addition, it advertises the Galaxy S9 +, which fits seamlessly into different scenes. Discuss what you saw with the prospects of the smartphone can be in the official telegram-chat AndroidInsider.

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