Samsung has received permission to release clones of the iPhone X

<pre>Samsung has received permission to release clones of the iPhone X

Despite a long-standing decision to follow its path in designing proprietary devices, Samsung can still represent the clone of the iPhone X. This is indicated by a new patent issued to the company's engineers by the State Intellectual Property Office of China. The document describes a smartphone suspiciously reminiscent of Apple's flagship.

The main feature of the patented gadget, which evokes a permanent association with the iPhone X, is the characteristic notch on the top of the display. In it, the manufacturer decided to place a number of front sensors, including lighting and proximity, the camera and the iris scanner that make up the hybrid user identification system.

The future smartphone, unlike the iPhone X and Galaxy S9, however, is also distinguished by the display ratio to the area of ​​the front panel. In fact, here the display occupies, if not 100, then at least 95% of free space. The only unoccupied place is that ill-fated excavation, because of which fans of the “apple” brand were accused of copying by more than a dozen vendors.

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