Samsung intends to combat the dependence of people on smartphones

<pre>Samsung intends to combat the dependence of people on smartphones

Samsung Electronics is very concerned about the dependence of consumers on their smartphones. About this the head of the British office of the company told in an interview with The Guardian. The top manager is confident that it's time for people to reconsider their priorities and cease to be slaves to technology, becoming their masters.

“Let's stop limiting our lives to smartphones alone,” said Corir Pearce, vice president of mobile and information technology, and Ireland. – Today, everyone just does that they bow to their smartphones. “

At the same time, says Pierce, Samsung understands perfectly well that it is not only the wishes of business that can not be helped. “In the foreseeable future, we expect to implement several ideas that will help people to straighten themselves up, finally breaking away from smartphones,” he says.

Samsung is absolutely confident that the market is facing a serious technological breakthrough, after which smartphones will change to unrecognizability. Despite the innovative features of modern devices, Piers believes, in the future they will be able to do more things for the user.

One of the ideas that Samsung plans to implement is the ability of the smartphone to automatically respond to incoming messages. “This will allow people to get distracted, open their eyes and look around instead of tirelessly focusing their eyes on the smartphone screen,” Pierce summed up.

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