Samsung introduced an updated utility for customizing the interface

<pre>Samsung introduced an updated utility for customizing the interface

Samsung Electronics has resumed the distribution of the utility Good Lock for customizing the interface of smartphones line Galaxy, has learned AndroidAuthority. The updated application again appeared in the Galaxy Apps corporate directory, from which only Samsung users from South Korea can download it for now.

How to configure the Galaxy smartphone interface

Good Lock, like the recently banned Substratum, does not require root permission for configuration elements of the interface. With the utility, users are free to customize a huge amount of detail from the color and size of the icons to the appearance of the lock screen and the multitasking menu.

Although Good Lock is officially available only in the South Korean catalog of Galaxy Apps, there is a workaround for accessing the revived utility. To do this, you must download and install the APK-file of the application on a compatible device, which, however, does not guarantee its stable operation.

The release of Good Lock took place simultaneously with the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge in the spring of 2016. The manufacturer presented the development as an ultimatum solution for customizing the interface of branded smartphones. Contrary to the positioning, the utility was not properly distributed and soon disappeared from the Galaxy Apps store.

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