Samsung jewelery scoffs at Apple fans in new advertising

<pre>Samsung jewelery scoffs at Apple fans in new advertising

Samsung marketers have created a new commercial. This time the main heroine of the video was the owner of the iPhone 6. The device is long overdue to change – it slows down and brings in any situation. Representatives of the company are sure that the best option is the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 +.

A woman experiences problems everywhere – before boarding a plane, during the flight itself and when calling a taxi in the rain. Even the mother of the heroine is wondering if she had time to update the iPhone 6.

In parallel with the lover of Apple appear owners of the Galaxy S9 and S9 +. They have no problems – everything works quickly and confidently. As a result, Apple Store employees offer the heroine to update the model. She buys the flagship of Samsung.


Obviously, comparing the old “six” with the brand new Galaxy S9 is not entirely fair, but the advertisement turned out to be fun. Particularly amusing were the hairstyles of the man and his son at the end of the video.

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