Samsung Pay has officially earned with PayPal

<pre>Samsung Pay has officially earned with PayPal

Service Samsung Pay has acquired the support of electronic payment system PayPal, writes phoneArena. The ability to pay contactlessly using the PayPal account is distributed gradually and is only available to users from the United States, but expansion is planned for new markets in the near future.


PayPal support will allow you to pay purchases in a non-contact way to all smartphone and smartphone owners. hours Samsung without having to start a “plastic” compatible bank. All that is required from users now is to create a PayPal account, bind a debit or credit card to it and add it to Samsung Pay.

The upcoming PayPal adaptation for contactless payment via Samsung Pay became known almost a year ago. Then representatives of both companies announced plans to combine the functionality of branded products with the aim of spreading them more widely and most effectively interacting with their customers.

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