Samsung prepares the ground for the Galaxy S10 with a display fingerprint scanner

<pre>Samsung prepares the ground for the Galaxy S10 with a display fingerprint scanner

Fingerprint scanner, which Samsung will equip Galaxy S10, will work by ultrasonic technology. This is reported by the South Korean newspaper ETNews, citing sources in the supply chain. According to the interlocutors of the publication, the biometric sensor will be installed under the display, and Qualcomm will be producing it.

This is the first mention of Samsung's plans to use the scanners of prints from Qualcomm. Previously, it was reported that in Seoul they are working on their own identification technology, which will be introduced at the stage of production of display matrices. The same time-use was also planned for use in other brand products.

The ultrasound fingerprint scanner is more accurate than the optical one used by the Chinese company Vivo in its smartphones. Such a sensor has a lightning fast response rate, regardless of the finger's purity, and also the ability to scan the blood flow and work under water.

It was previously assumed that the first smartphone with a fingerprint scanner built into the display would be Galaxy Note 9. According to rumors, the manufacturer worked hard to develop technology, but was forced to postpone its implementation until better times. The best times, obviously, will come not earlier than 2019.

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