Samsung reported record profits in the fourth quarter of 2017

<pre>Samsung reported record profits in the fourth quarter of 2017

Samsung Electronics summed up the results of the work in the fourth quarter of last year and shared figures with the public. The last months of 2017 brought the company a record profit. Sales of flagship smartphones showed good results, while the main source of revenue was the memory division that produces DRAM and NAND devices.

The company's revenue from October to December 2017 was $ 61.6 billion, up 24 percent from the same period in 2016 year. The volume of operating profit amounted to 14.13 billion dollars. The figure outpaced the result of last year by 64 percent. Net profit is equivalent to 11.48 billion, according to Sammobile.

The company also shared the total figures for 2017. Revenue was 222 billion dollars, and operating profit set a new record of 50 billion dollars. The last time the company reported on the record in 2013.

The key to success in the fourth quarter was the business of components. Overall sales of smartphones sank due to the budget segment, while the flagships sold better than in the last quarter.

The company hopes to gain momentum in 2018 due to strengthening its positions in the NAND and DRAM market.

Apple has not yet announced the results of the last quarter. Analysts predict an income of $ 84 billion.

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