Samsung will change the design of Galaxy Note 9 due to the more capacious battery

<pre>Samsung will change the design of Galaxy Note 9 due to the more capacious battery

Samsung Electronics will abandon the vertical layout of the cameras in Galaxy Note 9 in favor of the horizontal due to the installation of a more capacious battery than the predecessor, explained Ice Universe. According to the insider, the next generation of branded files will be equipped with a 4000 mAh battery, which is about 20% more than now.

As Samsung seeks to reduce the thickness of the future smartphone for the convenience of one-handed use, increase in its area. It was not possible to do this, provided the old layout of the cameras and the fingerprint scanner were preserved, and therefore it was decided to change it.

Along with the obvious advantage of Galaxy Note 9 in front of the current generation model, manifested in the increase of the battery and , as a consequence, the battery life, interact with the fingerprint scanner under the camera will be much more convenient. And since dactyloscopy remains the main way of identification, consumers will only benefit.

Galaxy Note 9 is expected to be unveiled this August at the Unpacked event in New York. The early release of the smartphone, according to industry analysts, is associated with the manufacturer's reluctance to compete with the new iPhone and the desire to make a cash register on the novelty even before Apple unveils several branded devices.

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