Samsung will release another device that will monitor you

<pre>Samsung will release another device that will monitor you

“Smart” column Bixby Speaker from Samsung will be able to determine the location of its owner within a few square meters, learned PatentlyMobile. For this, there will be a dedicated search system consisting of sensors and microphones scanning the space for people's presence.

The presence of sensors capable of understanding in which part of the room the column owner is located will allow her to more efficiently configure the sound by guiding him to the right side . In a similar way, HomePod functions, determining, however, only obstacles that interfere with the output of sound.

In addition to biometric sensors, Bixby Speaker can receive a built-in barometer and thermometer. With their help, the column will determine the ambient temperature and atmospheric pressure, giving the user recommendations on how to change the microclimate in the room.

Bixby Speaker is the first “smart” column of Samsung Electronics, which will be released before the end of this year. The device, equipped with Bixby's voice assistant and high-quality speakers, can simultaneously act as a personal concierge and audio system.

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